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Ferchaud, C.J. (author), Berkel, F.P.F. (author), Berkeveld, L.D. (author), Heijink Smith, M.A. (author), Veldhuis, J.B.J. (author), van Wees, J.F. (author)
article 2021
Peters, T.A. (author), Carvalho, P.A. (author), van Wees, J.F. (author), Overbeek, J.P. (author), Sagvolden, E. (author), van Berkel, F.P.F. (author), Løvvik, O.M. (author), Bredesen, R. (author)
The long-term operation of a ceramic-supported 5 μm-thick Pd membrane at 450 °C and 27 bar with a feed representing steam-methane-reforming conditions has been monitored over a period of 100 days. Subsequently, a thorough characterisation of the exposed membrane has been performed to investigate leakage behavior and microstructural changes to...
article 2018
Haije, W.G. (author), van Berkel, F.P.F. (author), Overbeek, J.P. (author), Vente, J.F. (author), van Wees, J.F. (author), den Exter, M.J. (author), Marsman, H.J. (author)
public lecture 2014