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Bunting, S.Y. (author), Lapworth, D.J. (author), Crane, E.J. (author), Grima-Olmedo, J. (author), Korosa, A. (author), Kuczynska, A. (author), Mali, N. (author), Rosenqvist, L. (author), van Vliet, M.E. (author), Togola, A. (author), Lopez, B. (author)
In Europe, emerging organic compounds (EOCs) in groundwater is a growing research area. Prioritisation for monitoring EOCs in Europe was formalised in 2019 through the development of the first voluntary groundwater watch list (GWWL). Despite this, groundwater occurrence data in the peer reviewed literature for Europe has not been reviewed to...
article 2021
Verweij, W. (author), Bloem, J. (author), van Vliet, M.E. (author), van Loon, A. (author), Swartjes, F. (author)
article 2020
Kivits, T. (author), Broers, H.P. (author), Beeltje, H. (author), van Vliet, M.E. (author), Griffioen, J. (author)
The combination of emerging antibiotic resistance and lack of discovery of new antibiotic classes poses a threat to future human welfare. Antibiotics are administered to livestock at a large scale and these may enter the environment by the spreading of manure on agricultural fields. They may leach to groundwater, especially in the Netherlands...
article 2018