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van der Molen-van Santen, J. (author), Schoone-Harmsen, M. (author), Hendriks, C. (author), van Straten, A. (author), Dröes, R.M. (author), Meiland, F. (author)
bookPart 2022
van Santen, J. (author), Dröes, R.M. (author), Twisk, J.W.R. (author), Blanson Henkemans, O.A. (author), van Straten, A. (author), Meiland, F.J.M. (author)
Objectives: Physical activity in people with dementia (PwD) may enhance physical and mental functioning. Exergaming, which combines physical exercise with cognitive stimulation in a gaming environment, was developed to overcome barriers in performing physical activities. We evaluated the effects of exergaming in day care centers (DCCs) for PwD...
article 2021
van Santen, J. (author), Dröes, R.M. (author), Bosmans, J.E. (author), Blanson Henkemans, O.A. (author), van Bommel, S. (author), Hakvoort, E. (author), Valk, R. (author), Scholten, C. (author), Wiersinga, J. (author), van Straten, A. (author)
Background Physical activity is linked to benefits such as increased physical fitness, cognition, emotional and social functioning, general health and well-being in older people. Some evidence suggests that this also applies to people living with dementia. However, it can be harder for them to perform physical activities, due to several barriers...
article 2019