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Santos, S. (author), Eekhout, I. (author), Voerman, E. (author), Gaillard, R. (author), Barros, H. (author), Charles, M.A. (author), Chatzi, L. (author), Chevrier, C. (author), Chrousos, G.P. (author), Corpeleijn, E. (author), Costet, N. (author), Crozier, S. (author), Doyon, M. (author), Eggesbø, M. (author), Fantini, M.P. (author), Farchi, S. (author), Francesco Forastiere, F. (author), Gagliardi, L. (author), Georgiu, V. (author), Godfrey, K.M. (author), Gori, D. (author), Grote, V. (author), Hanke, W. (author), Hertz-Picciotto, I. (author), Heude, B. (author), Hivert, M.F. (author), Hryhorczuk, D. (author), Huang, R.C. (author), Inskip, H. (author), Jusko, T.A. (author), Karvonen, A.M. (author), Koletzko, B. (author), Küpers, L.K. (author), Lagström, H. (author), Lawlor, D.A. (author), Lehmann, I. (author), Lopez-Espinosa, M.J. (author), Magnus, P. (author), Majewska, R. (author), Mäkelä, J. (author), Manios, Y. (author), McDonald, S.W. (author), Mommers, M. (author), Morgen, C.S. (author), Moschonis, G. (author), Murínová, L. (author), Newnham, J. (author), Nohr, E.A. (author), Nybo Andersen, A.M. (author), Oken, E. (author), Oostvogels, A.J.J.M. (author), Pac, A. (author), Papadopoulou, E. (author), Pekkanen, J. (author), Pizzi, C. (author), Polanska, K. (author), Porta, D. (author), Richiardi, L. (author), Rifas-Shiman, S.L. (author), Roeleveld, N. (author), Santa-Marina, L. (author), Santos, A.C. (author), Smit, H.A. (author), Sørensen, T.I.A. (author), Standl, M. (author), Stanislawski, M. (author), Stoltenberg, C. (author), Thiering, E. (author), Thijs, C. (author), Torrent, M. (author), Tough, S.C. (author), Trnovec, T. (author), van Gelder, M.M.H.J. (author), van Rossem, L. (author), von Berg, A. (author), Vrijheid, M. (author), Vrijkotte, T.G.M. (author), Zvinchuk, O. (author), van Buuren, S. (author), Jaddoe, V.W.V. (author)
Background. Gestational weight gain differs according to pre-pregnancy body mass index and is related to the risks of adverse maternal and child health outcomes. Gestational weight gain charts for women in different pre-pregnancy body mass index groups enable identification of women and offspring at risk for adverse health outcomes. We aimed to...
article 2018
Pedersen, M. (author), Gehring, U. (author), Beelen, R. (author), Wang, M. (author), Giorgis-Allemand, L. (author), Andersen, A.M.N. (author), Basagaña, X. (author), Bernard, C. (author), Cirach, M. (author), Forastiere, F. (author), de Hoogh, K. (author), Gražuleviĉvienė, R. (author), Gruzieva, O. (author), Hoek, G. (author), Jedynska, A. (author), Klümper, C. (author), Kooter, I.M. (author), Krämer, U. (author), Kukkonen, J. (author), Porta, D. (author), Postma, D.S. (author), Raaschou-Nielsen, O. (author), van Rossem, L. (author), Sunyer, J. (author), Sørensen, M. (author), Tsai, M.Y. (author), Vrijkotte, T.G.M. (author), Wilhelm, M. (author), Nieuwenhuijsen, M.J. (author), Pershagen, G. (author), Brunekreef, B. (author), Kogevinas, M. (author), Slama, R. (author)
Background: The health effects of suspended particulate matter (PM) may depend on its chemical composition. Associations between maternal exposure to chemical constituents of PM and newborn’s size have been little examined. Objective: We aimed to investigate the associations of exposure to elemental constituents of PM with term low birth weight ...
article 2016
Hafkamp-de Groen, E. (author), van Rossem, L. (author), de Jongste, J.C. (author), Mohangoo, A.D. (author), Moll, H.A. (author), Jaddoe, V.W.V. (author), Hofman, A. (author), Mackenbach, J.P. (author), Raat, H. (author)
Background The authors assessed whether socioeconomic inequalities in asthma symptoms were already present in preschool children and to what extent prenatal, perinatal and postnatal risk factors for asthma symptoms mediate the effect of socioeconomic status (SES). Methods The study included 3136 Dutch children participating in the Generation R...
article 2012