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Herfst, R.W. (author), Nulkes-de Groot, N. (author), Lucas, P. (author), Bijnagte, T. (author), Dekker, B. (author), Biemond, J.J.B. (author), van Riel, M.J.C.M. (author), van Essen, B.H.M.F. (author), van Koppen, M.E.C.T. (author), Oosterling, J.A.J. (author), Kramer, L. (author), Nieuwkoop, E. (author), Corbet, F. (author), Visser, L. (author), Man, H. (author)
We developed a new 3D-AFM technique that enables imaging of high aspect ratio trenches. By measuring both lateral and vertical forces on a cantilever tip, a subharmonic mode based on the attractive tip-sample forces becomes feasible. This enables the measurement of true 3D information of samples without causing damage. This is especially...
other 2019
Kuiper, S. (author), Doelman, N.J. (author), Overtoom, T. (author), Nieuwkoop, E. (author), Russchenberg, T. (author), van Riel, M.J.C.M. (author), Wildschut, J.A. (author), Baeten, M.J.J. (author), Spruit, W.E.T. (author), Brinkers, S. (author), Human, J.D. (author)
To increase the collecting power and to improve the angular imaging resolution, space telescopes are evolving towards larger primary mirrors. The aerial density of the telescope mirrors needs to be kept low, however, to be compatible with the launch requirements. A light-weight (primary) mirror will introduce additional optical aberrations to...
conference paper 2017