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Kos, G.P.A. (author), Weijers, E.P. (author), Blom, M.J. (author), Keuken, M.P. (author), Moerman, M. (author), Wesseling, J. (author), Berghmans, P. (author), van Laer, J. (author), Bezemer, A. (author), van Poppel, M. (author)
Steps: Literature search for data on emissions, distribution and concentration distribution of ultrafine particles in the vicinity of airports; Literature search for knowledge in the field of potentially harmful effects of ultrafine particles in the air around airports in relation to effects on health of residents in that area; Exploratory...
public lecture 2016
TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author), Stomp-van den Berg, S.G.M. (author), van Poppel, M. (author), Hendriksen, I. (author), Bruinvels, D. (author), van Mechelen, M. (author)
Body@Work seminar "Werken aan bewegen en gezondheid", 8 november 2007, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (mondelinge) presentatie en factsheet
public lecture 2007