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van Rest, J.H.C. (author), Boonstra, D. (author), Everts, M.H. (author), van Rijn, M. (author), van Paassen, R.J.G. (author)
The proposal for a new privacy regulation d.d. January 25th 2012 introduces sanctions of up to 2% of the annual turnover of enterprises. This elevates the importance of mitigation of privacy risks. This paper makes Privacy by Design more concrete, and positions it as the mechanism to mitigate these privacy risks. In this vision paper, we...
bookPart 2014
Ducastel, N. (author), Fisher, R. (author), Gehrt, D. (author), Hooghiemstra, T. (author), Remotti, L.A. (author), van Schoonhoven, B.H.A. (author), van den Broek, T.A. (author), van Paassen, R.J.G. (author)
report 2012
te Paske, B.J. (author), Meulenhoff, P.J. (author), van Paassen, R.J.G. (author), Smets, R.C.J. (author), van der Waaij, B.D. (author)
report 2011