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Kint, L. (author), Hademenos, V. (author), de Mol, R. (author), Stafleu, J. (author), van Heteren, S. (author), Van Lancker, V. (author)
A recently released voxel model quantifying aggregate resources of the Belgian part of the North Sea includes lithological properties of all Quaternary sediments and modelling-related uncertainty. As the underlying borehole data come from various sources and cover a long time-span, data-related uncertainties should be accounted for as well....
article 2020
Kaskela, A.M. (author), Kotilainen, A.T. (author), Alanen, U. (author), Cooper, R. (author), Green, S. (author), Guinan, J. (author), van Heteren, S. (author), Kihlman, S. (author), van Lancker, V. (author), Stevenson, A. (author)
The poor access to data on the marine environment is a handicap to government decision-making, a barrier to scientific understanding and an obstacle to economic growth. In this light, the European Commission initiated the European Marine Observation and Data Network (EMODnet) in 2009 to assemble and disseminate hitherto dispersed marine data. In...
article 2019
van Dijk, T.A.G.P. (author), van Dalfsen, J.A. (author), van Lancker, V. (author), van Overmeeren, R.A. (author), van Heteren, S. (author), Doornenbal, P.J. (author)
Marine ecosystems on continental shelves endure an increasing burden of human activity offshore, and the impacts on benthic habitats are not well known. An improved understanding of how benthic habitats vary in relation to substrate types and seabed features is therefore essential to both scientists and offshore developers. This case study shows...
bookPart 2012