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Bonsen, I.M. (author), Parchen, R.R. (author), Rumley-van Gurp, R.A. (author), van 't Veld, F. (author), TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author)
First-responders, operations room personnel, intelligence officers and other law enforcement staff have little experience in handling CBRN incidents or interpreting CBRN related intelligence. This low level of experience can be justified partly by the small chance attributed to CBRN attacks. However, when an incident does occur, the large impact...
conference paper 2007
Noort, D. (author), Hulst, A.G. (author), Fidder, A. (author), van Gurp, R.A. (author), de Jong, L.P.A. (author), Benschop, H.P. (author), Prins Maurits Laboratorium TNO (author)
The development of procedures for retrospective detection and quantitation of exposure to phosgene, based on adducts to hemoglobin and albumin, is described. Upon incubation of human blood with [14C]phosgene (0-750 μM), a significant part of radioactivity (0-13%) became associated with globin and albumin. Upon Pronase digestion of globin, one of...
article 2000