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Abokersh, M.H. (author), Spiekman, M.E. (author), Vijlbrief, O. (author), van Goch, T.A.J. (author), Vallies, M. (author), Boer, D. (author)
The nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB) presents a promising contribution to fulfill the EU sustainable future targets. However, the construction industry that leads the development of nZEB is facing challenges to guarantee its performance. In this context, this paper proposes a methodology framework based on Multizone Resistance–Capacitance...
article 2021
Spiekman, M.E. (author), Vijlbrief, O. (author), Tahir, H. (author), Bulut, Y. (author), Borsboom, W.A. (author), van Goch, T.A.J. (author), van Ginnkel, D. (author), van Kessel, E. (author)
In order to drive forward the energy transition, construction companies and other suppliers of deep retrofitting solutions have started to give guarantees on the energy performance of very energy efficient houses. With these initiatives, a need has arisen for methods that can assess per household the actual energy performance during the use...
conference paper 2020