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de Wit, J. (author), Totté, J.E.E. (author), van Mierlo, M.M.F. (author), van Veldhuizen, J. (author), van Doorn, M.B.A. (author), Schuren, F.H.J. (author), Willemsen, S.P. (author), Pardo, L.M. (author), Pasmans, S.G.M.A. (author)
Letter to the editor. Staphylococcus aureus density is increased in many patients with atopic dermatitis (AD) and is thought to contribute to disease pathogenesis, interacting with an altered skin barrier and immunologic changes.1 S aureus might induce or aggravate inflammation through different mechanisms, for example through excretion of...
article 2019
van Doorn, M.B.A. (author), Espirito Santo, S.M. (author), Meijer, P. (author), Kamerling, I.M. (author), Schoemaker, R.C. (author), Dirsch, V. (author), Vollmar, A. (author), Haffner, T. (author), Gebhardt, R. (author), Cohen, A.F. (author), Princen, H.M. (author), Burggraaf, J. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Background: Epidemiologic studies suggest that garlic may have beneficial effects on risk factors associated with cardiovascular disease (CVD). However, these findings are not unambiguously supported by randomized placebo-controlled clinical trials. Objective: We sought to investigate the effects of a chemically well-characterized garlic...
article 2006