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de Korte, J.Q. (author), Bongers, C.W.G. (author), Hopman, M.T.E. (author), Theunissen, L.P.J. (author), Jansen, K.M.B. (author), Kingma, B.R.M. (author), Ballak, S.B. (author), Maase, K. (author), Moen, M.H. (author), van Dijk, J.W. (author), Daanen, H.A.M. (author), Eijsvogel, T.M.H. (author)
The environmental conditions during the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games are expected to be challenging, which increases the risk for participating athletes to develop heat-related illnesses and experience performance loss. To allow safe and optimal exercise performance of Dutch elite athletes, the Thermo Tokyo study aimed to determine...
article 2021
Theuns, H.M. (author), Shellis, R.P. (author), Groeneveld, A. (author), van Dijk, J.W. (author), Poole, D.F. (author), TNO Nederlands Instituut voor Praeventieve Gezondheidszorg TNO (author)
The microradiographic mineral content and birefringence in water and Thoulet's solution were measured at selected points in sections of caries-like lesions. Birefringence was not related to mineral content in sound superficial enamel immersed in Thoulet's solution or in the lesion body immersed in water. For the surface layer of the lesion,...
article 1993
Oldengarm, L. (author), van Dijk, J.W. (author), Hoogendoorn, C.J. (author), Technisch Physische Dienst TNO - TH (author)
article 1984