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Torregrosa, I.G. (author), Shirvanian, A.G. (author), van Dijk, B. (author), Ameen, M.M. (author), Loffler, J. (author)
De omzetting van elektriciteit in waterstofgas via elektrolyse wordt gezien als een van de meest effectieve opties om een grote toevoer van duurzame elektriciteit in het energiesysteem te integreren. Elektrolyse is op dit moment echter nog (te) duur, omdat dure materialen gebruikt worden zodat voldoende lange levensduur gegarandeerd kan worden....
report 2022
van Dijk, B. (author), Potier, E. (author), van Dijk, M. (author), Langelaan, M. (author), Papen-Botterhuis, N.E. (author), Ito, K. (author)
In intervertebral disc herniation with nucleus pulposus (NP) extrusion, the elicited inflammatory response is considered a key pain mechanism. However, inflammatory cytokines are reported in extruded herniated tissue, even before monocyte infiltration, suggesting that the tissue itself initiates the inflammation. Since herniated tissue swells,...
article 2015
Schouten, D.G.M. (author), Pfab, I. (author), Cremers, A.H.M. (author), van Dijk, B. (author), Neerincx, M.A. (author)
This study investigated the effects of the gamification elements of scaffolding, score and hints on the user enjoyment and motivation of people of low literacy. In a four-condition within-subjects experiment, participants per-formed mental spatial ability tests with the aforementioned elements. Quantitative results were inconclusive, but post...
conference paper 2014