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Peters, R.J.B. (author), Oomen, A.G. (author), van Bemmel, G. (author), van Vliet, L. (author), Undas, A.K. (author), Munniks, S. (author), Bleys, R.L.A.W. (author), Tromp, P.C. (author), Brand, W. (author), van der Lee, M. (author)
Silicon dioxide (silica, SiO2, SAS) and titanium dioxide (TiO2) are produced in high volumes and applied in many consumer and food products. As a consequence, there is a potential human exposure and subsequent systemic uptake of these particles. In this study we show the characterization and quantification of both total silicon (Si) and titanium...
article 2020
Gallocchio, F. (author), Biancotto, G. (author), Cibin, V. (author), Losasso, C. (author), Belluco, S. (author), Peters, R. (author), van Bemmel, G. (author), Cascio, C. (author), Weigel, S. (author), Tromp, P. (author), Gobbo, F. (author), Catania, S. (author), Ricci, A. (author)
Silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) are of interest due to their antimicrobial activity and are seen as potential candidates to replace antibiotics in animal husbandry. A few studies have focused on this new application, but they lack any considerations about residual accumulation of AgNPs in edible animal tissues and animal products. In this research,...
article 2017
Peters, R.J.B. (author), van Bemmel, G. (author), Herrera-Rivera, Z. (author), Helsper, H.P.F.G. (author), Marvin, H.J.P. (author), Weigel, S. (author), Tromp, P.C. (author), Oomen, A.G. (author), Rietveld, A.G. (author), Bouwmeester, H. (author)
Titanium dioxide (TiO2) is a common food additive used to enhance the white color, brightness, and sometimes flavor of a variety of food products. In this study 7 food grade TiO2 materials (E171), 24 food products, and 3 personal care products were investigated for their TiO 2 content and the number-based size distribution of TiO2 particles...
article 2014