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Broecks, K.P.F. (author), Jack, C. (author), ter Mors, E. (author), Boomsma, C. (author), Shackley, S. (author)
Carbon Capture and Storage at industrial processes (industrial CCS) is expected to play an important role in reducing industrial CO2 emissions in the short term. Industrial CCS involves capturing CO2 from industrial processes, such as steel and cement making, and storing the CO2 underground. This study examined the public opinion of industrial...
article 2021
Groeneweg, J. (author), ter Mors, E. (author), van Leeuwen, E. (author), Komen, S. (author)
conference paper 2018
Groeneweg, J. (author), ter Mors, E. (author)
Risk-taking behavior is an important contributing human factor to incidents and notoriously difficult to influence. A basic premise of approaches to improving safety by putting in extra levels of protection (e.g. the Swiss cheese model) is that providing information on the number of layers in place does not influence the risk-taking behavior of...
conference paper 2016