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Wopereis, S. (author), Wolvers, D. (author), van Erk, M.J. (author), Gribnau, M. (author), Kremer, S.H.A. (author), van Dorsten, F.A. (author), Boelsma, E. (author), Garczarek, U. (author), Cnubben, N. (author), Frenken, L. (author), der Logt P, van (author), Hendriks, H.F. (author), Albers, R. (author), van Duynhoven, J. (author), van Ommen, B. (author), Jacobs, D.M. (author)
Background: Resilience or the ability of our body to cope with daily-life challenges has been proposed as a new definition of health, with restoration of homeostasis as target resultant of various physiological stress responses. Challenge models may thus be a sensitive measure to study the body’s health. The objective of this study was to select...
article 2013