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Fransman, J. (author), Sijs, J. (author), Dol, H.S. (author), Theunissen, E. (author), de Schutter, B.D. (author)
DCOP (Distributed Constraint optimization Problem) is a framework for representing distributed multi- agent problems. However, it only allows discrete values for the decision variables, which limits its application for real-world problems. In this paper, an extension of DCOP is investigated to handle variables with continuous domains....
conference paper 2018
Bajracharya, G. (author), Koltunowicz, T. (author), Negenborn, R.R. (author), Papp, Z. (author), Djairam, D. (author), de Schutter, B.D. (author), Smit, J.J. (author), TNO Industrie en Techniek (author)
In this paper, a model-predictive control based framework is proposed for modeling and optimization of the health state of power system equipment. In the framework, a predictive health model is proposed that predicts the health state of the equipment based on its usage and maintenance actions. Based on the health state, the failure rate of the...
conference paper 2009