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Schwarz, A. (author), de Ruiter, R. (author), Zondervan, E. (author), van Eijk, F. (author), Huybrechts, L. (author)
With this brochure Holland Circular Hotspot and TNO bring their insights to the international level and share best practices with the hope that it will inspire everyone around the world to take action and kickstart circular development.
other 2021
Wijngaard, M. (author), Dortmans, A. (author), van Harmelen, T. (author), Urbanus, J.H. (author), de Ruiter, R. (author), Schwarz, A. (author), Zondervan, E. (author)
Plastics (bulk, coatings, and glues), like many other commodities, including metal, wood, glass, and ceramics, are of essential importance to the wellbeing of today’s society. This will not be any different in the decades to come. We expect plastics to remain important due to their unique properties and the possibilities for mass production...
other 2020
Fidder, A. (author), Hulst, A.G. (author), Noort, D. (author), de Ruiter, R. (author), van der Schans, M.J. (author), Benschop, H.P. (author), Langenberg, J.P. (author), Prins Maurits Laboratorium TNO (author)
In this paper a novel and general procedure is presented for detection of organophosphate-inhibited human butyrylcholinesterase (HuBuChE), which is based on electrospray tandem mass spectrometric analysis of phosphylated nonapeptides obtained after pepsin digestion of the enzyme. The utility of this method is exemplified by the positive analysis...
article 2002