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van Vianen, A.E.M. (author), de Pater, I.E. (author), Preenen, P.T.Y. (author)
The changing labour market and unpredictability of careers necessitate employees to adopt non-traditional norms of career success and assess their career in terms of employability. We propose that employees could promote their employability specifically through engagement in challenging work experiences. High quality jobs provide employees with...
bookPart 2020
Preenen, P.T.Y. (author), van Vianen, A.E.M. (author), de Pater, I.E. (author)
We examined the impact of induced goal orientation on individuals' positive- and negative-activating mood when taking part in high- or low-challenging assignments. Results indicated that performing a low-challenging assignment leads to a higher positive-activating mood with a performance-approach orientation than with a mastery approach, or no...
article 2014
Preenen, P.T.Y. (author), de Pater, I.E. (author), van Vianen, A.E.M. (author), Keijzer, L. (author)
This study examines employees' challenging assignments as manageable means to reduce turnover intentions, job search behaviors, and voluntary turnover. Results indicate that challenging assignments are negatively related to turnover intentions and job search behaviors and that these relationships are mediated by on-the-job learning. Moreover,...
article 2011