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Jongen, V.W. (author), Schim van der Loeff, M.F. (author), Boyd, A. (author), Petrignani, M. (author), Prins, M. (author), van der Wal, M. (author), Nielen, A. (author), de Melker, H. (author), Pot, M. (author), Paulussen, T.G.W.M. (author), Alberts, C. (author)
Introduction: It is unclear what role daughters play in the decision-making process regarding HPV vaccination. Therefore, we explored the impact of HPV vaccination intention among parents and their 12-13 year-old daughters on HPV vaccination uptake. Methods: In February 2014 parents/guardians and their 12-13 year-old daughters were invited to...
article 2021
Mollema, L. (author), Harmsen, I.A. (author), Broekhuizen, E. (author), Clijnk, R. (author), de Melker, H. (author), Paulussen, T. (author), Kok, G. (author), Ruiter, R. (author), Das, E. (author)
Background: In May 2013, a measles outbreak began in the Netherlands among Orthodox Protestants who often refuse vaccination for religious reasons. Objective: Our aim was to compare the number of messages expressed on Twitter and other social media during the measles outbreak with the number of online news articles and the number of reported...
article 2015