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Kroll, J.G. (author), Borsoi, F. (author), van der Enden, K.L. (author), Uilhoorn, W. (author), de Jong, D. (author), Quintero-Perez, M. (author), van Woerkom, D.J. (author), Bruno, A. (author), Plissard, S.R. (author), Car, D. (author), Bakkers, E.P.A.M. (author), Cassidy, M.C. (author), Kouwenhoven, L.P. (author)
Superconducting coplanar-waveguide resonators that can operate in strong magnetic fields are important tools for a variety of high-frequency superconducting devices. Magnetic fields degrade resonator performance by creating Abrikosov vortices that cause resistive losses and frequency fluctuations or suppress the superconductivity entirely. To...
article 2019
Zerp, S.F. (author), Vink, S.R. (author), Ruiter, G.A. (author), Koolwijk, P. (author), Peters, E. (author), van der Luit, A.H. (author), de Jong, D. (author), Budde, M. (author), Bartelink, H. (author), van Blitterswijk, W.J. (author), Verheij, M. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Synthetic alkylphospholipids (APLs), such as edelfosine, miltefosine and perifosine, constitute a new class of antineoplastic compounds with various clinical applications. Here we have evaluated the antiangiogenic properties of APLs. The sensitivity of three types of vascular endothelial cells (ECs) (bovine aortic ECs, human umbilical vein ECs...
article 2008
Vyth-Dreese, F.A. (author), Boot, H. (author), Dellemijn, T.A.M. (author), Majoor, D.M. (author), Oomen, L.C.J.M. (author), Laman, J.D. (author), van Meurs, M. (author), de Weger, R.A. (author), de Jong, D. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
Costimulatory molecules are essential in cognate interactions between T and B lymphocytes. To study the prerequisites of functional interactions between malignant B cells and intermingled T cells in B-cell non-Hodgkin's lymphomas (B-NHL), we examined the expression of CD40, CD80 and CD86 and their ligands CD40 ligand (CD40L, CD154), CD28 and...
article 1998