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de Gier, J. (author), Bergmans, J. (author), Hildmann, H. (author)
A generic reasoning approach for autonomous unmanned vehicle (UxV) mission execution is presented. The system distinguishes (a) mission planning and (b) mission execution, treating these as separate but closely interdependent stages. The context of the work is that of tactical military operations, and the focus of the current (simulated)...
article 2023
Spini, G. (author), Mancini, E. (author), Attema, T. (author), Abspoel, M. (author), de Gier, J. (author), Fehr, S. (author), Veugen, T. (author), van Heesch, M. (author), Worm, D. (author), de Luca, A. (author), Cramer, R. (author), Sloot, P.M.A. (author)
BackgroundHIV treatment prescription is a complex process. Clinical decision support systems (CDSS) are a category of health information technologies that can assist clinicians to choose optimal treatments based on clinical trials and expert knowledge. The usability of some CDSSs for HIV treatment would be significantly improved by using the...
article 2022