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de Brugh, J.M.J.A. (author), Ouwersloot, H.G. (author), de Arellano, J.V.G. (author), Krol, M.C. (author)
Under warm and dry conditions, ammonium nitrate aerosol outgasses to form ammonia and nitric acid in the lower atmospheric boundary layer. In the upper boundary layer, where the temperature is lower and the relative humidity is higher, nitric acid and ammonia condense back to the aerosol phase. Measurements show that aerosol nitrate mixing...
article 2013
de Brugh, J.M.J.A. (author), Schaap, M. (author), Vignati, E. (author), Dentener, F. (author), Kahnert, M. (author), Sofiev, M. (author), Huijnen, V. (author), Krol, M.C. (author)
This paper presents the aerosol budget over Europe in 2006 calculated with the global transport model TM5 coupled to the size-resolved aerosol module M7. Comparison with ground observations indicates that the model reproduces the observed concentrations quite well with an expected slight underestimation of PM10 due to missing emissions (e.g....
article 2011