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Hoogeboom, T.J. (author), Oosting, E. (author), Vriezekolk, J.E. (author), Veenhof, C. (author), Siemonsma, P.C. (author), de Bie, R.A. (author), van den Ende, C.H.M. (author), van Meeteren, N.L.U. (author)
Background: Our aim was to develop a rating scale to assess the therapeutic validity of therapeutic exercise programmes. By use of this rating scale we investigated the therapeutic validity of therapeutic exercise in patients awaiting primary total joint replacement (TJR). Finally, we studied the association between therapeutic validity of...
article 2012
Heuts, P.H.T.G. (author), de Bie, R.A. (author), Dijkstra, A. (author), Aretz, K. (author), Vlaeyen, J.W.S. (author), Schouten, H.J.A. (author), Hopman-Rock, M. (author), van Weel, C. (author), van Schayck, C.P. (author), TNO Kwaliteit van Leven (author)
Objective: To develop a self-report measure for assessment of the stage of change in patients with osteoarthritis, in order to identify patients who would benefit from a self-management programme. Methods: According to the 'stages of change' model a questionnaire was developed with three groups of items corresponding to the precontemplation...
article 2005