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Kalsbeek, H. (author), Schuller, A.A. (author), Kivit, M.M. (author), de Baat, C. (author)
Staff members and residents of nursing homes and old people's homes were interviewed about the facilities and provision of oral health care. Clinical examinations were performed to obtain data about the oral health status of the institutionalised elderly. Results show that in most cases the oral health care facilities were insufficient to give...
article 2006
Kalsbeek, H. (author), de Baat, C. (author), Kivit, M.M. (author), de Kleijn de-Vrankrijker, M.W. (author)
In this study oral health of elderly persons as perceived by the subjects was evaluated. Phenomena often mentioned were problems with chewing and biting, dry mouth, retention of food particles between teeth or below the prosthesis, (in edentates) sensitivity of teeth for warm or cold foods and (in edentates) lack of retention of the lower...
article 2001
Kalsbeek, H. (author), de Baat, C. (author), Kivit, M.M. (author), de Kleijn-de Vrankrijker, M.W. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
With the aim to get information on oral health, professional dental care and oral hygiene habits a study was performed on persons aged 60 up to 79 years in Haarlem, the Netherlands. After an interview an oral examination was performed, using a mirror and a pocket lamp. Of all persons approached, 376 (38%) participated in the clinical part of the...
article 2000