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Louro, H. (author), Heinälä, M. (author), Bessems, J. (author), Buekers, J. (author), Vermeire, T. (author), Woutersen, M. (author), van Engelen, J. (author), Borges, T. (author), Rousselle, C. (author), Ougier, E. (author), Alvito, P. (author), Martins, C. (author), Assunção, R. (author), Silva, M.J. (author), Pronk, A. (author), Schaddelee-Scholten, B. (author), del carmen Gonzalez, M. (author), de Alba, M. (author), Castaño, A. (author), Viegas, S. (author), Humar-Juric, T. (author), Kononenko, L. (author), Lampen, A. (author), Vinggaard, A.M. (author), Schoeters, G. (author), Kolossa-Gehring, M. (author), Santonen, T. (author)
Human biomonitoring (HBM) is an important tool to survey the internal exposure of humans which represents the real life chemical body burden to chemicals and/or their metabolites. It results from total exposure to chemical substances from different sources and via different routes. These substances may be regulated under different legislative...
article 2019