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Havermans, B.M. (author), Boot, C.R.L. (author), Brouwers, E.P.M. (author), Houtman, I.L.D. (author), Heerkens, Y.F. (author), Zijlstra-Vlasveld, M.C. (author), Twisk, J.W.R. (author), Anema, J.R. (author), van der Beek, A.J. (author)
Objectives Healthcare workers frequently deal with work stress. This is a risk factor for adverse mental and physical health effects. The objective of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of a digital platform-based implementation strategy – compared to a control group – on stress, work stress determinants (ie. psychosocial work...
article 2018
Hoek, R.J.A. (author), Havermans, B.M. (author), Houtman, I.L.D. (author), Brouwers, E.P.M. (author), Heerkens, Y.F. (author), Zijlstra-Vlasveld, M.C. (author), Anema, J.R. (author), van der Beek, A.J. (author), Boot, C.R.L. (author)
Background. Adequate implementation of work-related stress management interventions can reduce or prevent work-related stress and sick leave in organizations. We developed a multifaceted integral stress-prevention strategy for organizations from several sectors that includes a digital platform and collaborative learning network. The digital...
article 2017