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Mohamed, S. (author), Zhu, D. (author), Goswami, D. (author), Basten, A.A. (author)
Image-Based Control (IBC) systems have a long sample period. Sensing in these systems consists of compute-intensive image processing algorithms whose response times are dependent on image workload. IBC systems are typically designed for the worst-case workload that results in a long sample period and hence suboptimal quality-of-control (QoC)....
conference paper 2018
Zhu, D. (author), van Arkel, C. (author), King, C.A. (author), van Meirvenne, S. (author), de Greef, C. (author), Thielemans, K. (author), Radl, J. (author), Stevenson, F.K. (author), TNO Preventie en Gezondheid (author)
The 5T series of multiple myelomas (MM) and Waldenstrsom's macroglobulinaemia-like lymphomas (WM), which developed spontaneously in ageing mice of the C57BL/KaLwRij strain, shows clinical and biological features that closely resemble their corresponding human diseases. In order to compare the patterns of somatic mutation in V(H) genes of mouse...
article 1998