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Chen, Y. (author), Cheng, Y. (author), Ma, N. (author), Wolke, R. (author), Nordmann, S. (author), Schüttauf, S. (author), Ran, L. (author), Wehner, B. (author), Birmili, W. (author), van der Gon, H.A.C.D. (author), Mu, Q. (author), Barthel, S. (author), Spindler, G. (author), Stieger, B. (author), Müller, K. (author), Zheng, G.J. (author), Pöschl, U. (author), Su, H. (author), Wiedensohler, A. (author)
Sea salt aerosol (SSA) is one of the major components of primary aerosols and has significant impact on the formation of secondary inorganic particles mass on a global scale. In this study, the fully online coupled WRFChem model was utilized to evaluate the SSA emission scheme and its influence on the nitrate simulation in a case study in Europe...
article 2016