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Yang, F. (author), Meerman, H. (author), Zhang, Z. (author), Jiang, J. (author), Faaij, A. (author)
The techno-economic performance and CO2 equivalent (CO2eq) reduction potential of bio-based aromatic production cases with and without CO2 capture and storage (CCS) have been evaluated and compared to those of fossil-based aromatic production. The bio-cases include tail gas reactive pyrolysis (TGRP), catalytic pyrolysis (CP), hydrothermal...
article 2022
Saunois, M. (author), Stavert, A.R. (author), Poulter, B. (author), Bousquet, P. (author), Canadell, J.G. (author), Jackson, R.B. (author), Raymond, P.A. (author), Dlugokencky, E.J. (author), Houweling, S. (author), Patra, P.K. (author), Ciais, P. (author), Arora, V.K. (author), Bastviken, D. (author), Bergamaschi, P. (author), Blake, D.R. (author), Brailsford, G. (author), Bruhwiller, L. (author), Carlson, K.M. (author), Carroll, M. (author), Castaldi, S. (author), Chandra, N. (author), Crevoisier, C. (author), Crill, P.M. (author), Covey, K. (author), Curry, C.L. (author), Etiope, G. (author), Frankenberg, C. (author), Gedney, N. (author), Hegglin, M.I. (author), Hoglund-Isaksson, L. (author), Hugelius, G. (author), Ishizawa, M. (author), Ito, A. (author), Janssens-Maenhout, G. (author), Jensen, K.M. (author), Joos, F. (author), Kleinen, T. (author), Krummel, P.B. (author), Langenfeld, R.L. (author), Laruelle, G. (author), Liu, L. (author), Machida, T. (author), Maksyutov, S. (author), Mc Donald, K.C. (author), Mc Norton, J. (author), Miller, P.A. (author), Melton, J.R. (author), Morino, I. (author), Muller, J. (author), Moruia-Flores, F. (author), Naik, V. (author), Niwa, Y. (author), Noce, S. (author), O'Doherty, S. (author), Parker, R.J. (author), Peng, C. (author), Preng, S. (author), Peters, G.P. (author), Prigent, C. (author), Prinn, R. (author), Ramonet, M. (author), Regnier, P. (author), Riley, W.J. (author), Rosentreter, J.A. (author), Segers, A.J. (author), Simpson, I.J. (author), Shi, H. (author), Smith, S.J. (author), Steele, L.P. (author), Thornton, B.F. (author), Tian, H. (author), Tohjima, Y. (author), Tubiello, F.N. (author), Tsuruta, A. (author), Viovy, N. (author), Voulgarakis, A. (author), Weber, T.S. (author), van Weele, M. (author), van der Werf, G.R. (author), Weiss, R.F. (author), Worthy, D. (author), Wunch, D. (author), Yin, Y. (author), Yoshida, Y. (author), Zhang, W. (author), Zhang, Z. (author), Zhao, Y. (author), Zheng, B. (author), Zhu, Q. (author), Zhu, Q. (author), Zhuang, Q. (author)
Understanding and quantifying the global methane (CH4) budget is important for assessing realistic pathways to mitigate climate change. Atmospheric emissions and concentrations of CH4 continue to increase, making CH4 the second most important human-influenced greenhouse gas in terms of climate forcing, after carbon dioxide (CO2). The relative...
article 2020
Adyanthaya, S. (author), Zhang, Z. (author), Geilen, M. (author), Voeten, J. (author), Basten, T. (author), Schiffelers, R. (author)
Tasks executing on general purpose multiprocessor platforms exhibit variations in their execution times. As such, there is a need to explicitly consider robustness, i.e., tolerance to these fluctuations. This work aims to quantify the robustness of schedules of directed acyclic graphs (DAGs) on multiprocessors by defining probabilistic...
conference paper 2014