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Zhang, M. (author), Janic, M. (author), Tavasszy, L.A. (author)
This paper presents a freight transport optimization model that simultaneously incorporates multimodal infrastructure, hub-based service network structures, and the various design objectives of multiple actors. The model has been calibrated and validated using real-life data from the case study of hinterland container transport of the...
article 2015
Zhang, M. (author), van den Driest, M. (author), Wiegmans, B. (author), Tavasszy, L. (author)
The paper analyses the impact of: 1) CO2 pricing; 2) using biodiesel on the multimodal freight transport system in and through the Netherlands taking the changes in the transport demands for road, rail, and inland waterway into account. Special attention is given to the impact on the market share of various barge classes in inland waterway...
article 2014
Zhang, M. (author)
doctoral thesis 2013