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Rovida, C. (author), Escher, S.E. (author), Herzler, M. (author), Bennekou, S.H. (author), Kamp, H. (author), Kroese, D.E. (author), Maslankiewicz, L. (author), Moné, M.J. (author), Patlewicz, G. (author), Sipes, N. (author), van Aerts, L. (author), White, A. (author), Yamada, T. (author), van de Water, B. (author)
The use of new approach methodologies (NAMs) in support of read-across (RAx) approaches for regulatory purposes is a main goal of the EU-ToxRisk project. To bring this forward, EU-ToxRisk partners convened a workshop in close collaboration with regulatory representatives from key organizations including European regulatory agencies, such as the...
article 2021