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Wells, M. (author), Pel, J.W. (author), Glasse, A. (author), Wright, G.S. (author), Aitink-Kroes, G. (author), Azzollini, R. (author), Beard, S. (author), Brandl, B.R. (author), Gallie, A. (author), Geers, V.C. (author), Glauser, A.M. (author), Hastings, P. (author), Henning, T. (author), Jager, R. (author), Justtanont, K. (author), Kruizinga, B. (author), Lahuis, F. (author), Lee, D. (author), Martinez-Delgado, I. (author), Martínez-Galarza, J.R. (author), Meijers, M. (author), Morrison, J.E. (author), Müller, F. (author), Nakos, T. (author), O’Sullivan, B. (author), Oudenhuysen, A. (author), Parr-Burman, P. (author), Pauwels, E. (author), Rohloff, R.R. (author), Schmalzl, E. (author), Sykes, J. (author), Thelen, M.P. (author), van Dishoeck, E.F. (author), Vandenbussche, B. (author), Venema, L.B. (author), Visser, H. (author), Waters, L.B.F.M. (author), Wright, D. (author)
We describe the design and performance of the Medium Resolution Spectrometer (MRS) for the JWST-MIRI instrument. The MRS incorporates four coaxial spectral channels in a compact opto-mechanical layout that generates spectral images over fields of view up to 7.7 × 7.7″ in extent and at spectral resolving powers ranging from 1300 to 3700. Each...
article 2015
van Lieshout, M.J. (author), Friedewald, M. (author), Wright, D. (author), Gutwirth, S. (author)
This paper considers the relationship between privacy and security and, in particular, the traditional "trade-off" paradigm. The issue is this: how, in a democracy, can one reconcile the trend towards increasing security (for example, as manifested by increasing surveillance) with the fundamental right of privacy? Our political masters justify...
article 2013