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Santonen, T. (author), Mahiout, S. (author), Alvito, P. (author), Apel, P. (author), Bessems, J. (author), Bil, W. (author), Borges, T. (author), Bose-O'Reilly, S. (author), Buekers, J. (author), Canas Portilla, A.I. (author), Calvo, A.C. (author), de Alba González, M. (author), Dominguez-Morueco, N. (author), Lopez, M.E. (author), Falnoga, I. (author), Gerofke, A. (author), Caballero, M.D.C.G. (author), Horvat, M. (author), Huuskonen, P. (author), Kadikis, N. (author), Kolossa-Gehring, M. (author), Lange, R. (author), Louro, H. (author), Martins, C. (author), Meslin, M. (author), Niemann, L. (author), Diaz, S.P. (author), Plichta, V. (author), Porras, S.P. (author), Rousselle, C. (author), Scholten, B. (author), Silva, M.J. (author), Šlejkovec, Z. (author), Tratnik, J.S. (author), Joksic, A.Š. (author), Tarazona, J.V. (author), Uhl, M. (author), van Nieuwenhuyse, A. (author), Viegas, S. (author), Vinggaard, A.M. (author), Woutersen, M. (author), Schoeters, G. (author)
One of the aims of the European Human Biomonitoring Initiative, HBM4EU, was to provide examples of and good practices for the effective use of human biomonitoring (HBM) data in human health risk assessment (RA). The need for such information is pressing, as previous research has indicated that regulatory risk assessors generally lack knowledge...
article 2023
Louro, H. (author), Heinälä, M. (author), Bessems, J. (author), Buekers, J. (author), Vermeire, T. (author), Woutersen, M. (author), van Engelen, J. (author), Borges, T. (author), Rousselle, C. (author), Ougier, E. (author), Alvito, P. (author), Martins, C. (author), Assunção, R. (author), Silva, M.J. (author), Pronk, A. (author), Schaddelee-Scholten, B. (author), del carmen Gonzalez, M. (author), de Alba, M. (author), Castaño, A. (author), Viegas, S. (author), Humar-Juric, T. (author), Kononenko, L. (author), Lampen, A. (author), Vinggaard, A.M. (author), Schoeters, G. (author), Kolossa-Gehring, M. (author), Santonen, T. (author)
Human biomonitoring (HBM) is an important tool to survey the internal exposure of humans which represents the real life chemical body burden to chemicals and/or their metabolites. It results from total exposure to chemical substances from different sources and via different routes. These substances may be regulated under different legislative...
article 2019