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van der Hulst, M.K. (author), Ottenbros, A.B. (author), van der Drift, B. (author), Ferjan, S. (author), van Harmelen, A.K. (author), Schwarz, A.E. (author), Worrell, E. (author), van Zelm, R. (author), Huijbregts, M.A.J. (author), Hauck, M. (author)
Dealing with heterogeneous plastic waste – i.e., high polymer heterogeneity, additives, and contaminants – and lowering greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from plastic production requires integrated solutions. Here, we quantified current and future GHG footprints of direct chemical conversion of heterogeneous post-consumer plastic waste feedstock to...
article 2022
Oliveira, C.C.N. (author), Rochedo, P.R.R. (author), Bhardwaj, R. (author), Worrell, E. (author), Szklo, A. (author)
The urgency with which the world economy needs to be decarbonized could lead to the emergence of regions with the capacity to produce renewable feedstock such as biomass. The competitiveness of these regions could result from their ability to produce high value-added chemicals at the lowest cost. The biomass embodied in a chemical product could...
article 2019
Broeren, M.L.M. (author), Dellaert, S.N.C. (author), Cok, B. (author), Patel, M.K. (author), Worrell, E. (author), Shen, L. (author)
Sisal fibre can potentially replace glass fibre in natural fibre composites. This study focuses on the environmental performance of sisal fibre production by quantifying the greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions and energy use of producing sisal fibre in Tanzania and Brazil using life cycle assessment (LCA), based on region-specific inventory data. The...
article 2017