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Konsman, M.J. (author), Wijbrandi, W.E. (author), Huitema, G.B. (author)
Energy Flexibility is the ability of smart devices to deviate from their normal energy producing or consuming behaviour, while still fulfilling their intended purpose, with the goal of contributing to the operation of the energy system. Energy Flexibility has the potential to counteract the mismatch between production and consumption of energy...
conference paper 2020
Nutma, J.S. (author), Hoogsteen, G. (author), Molderink, A. (author), Wijbrandi, W.E. (author), Hurink, J.L. (author), Smit, G.J.M. (author)
To deal with challenges introduced by the adaption of distributed energy resources, Demand Side Management methodologies are being developed to ensure the availability and reliability of our electricity supply in the future. The Power-Matcher and TRIANA are two examples of such management methodologies. As the strengths of the approaches...
conference paper 2017
van der Veen, J.S. (author), van der Waaij, B.D. (author), Lazovik, E. (author), Wijbrandi, W.E. (author), Meijer, R.J. (author)
Stream processing platforms allow applications to analyse incoming data continuously. Several use cases exist that make use of these capabilities, ranging from monitoring of physical infrastructures to pre selecting video surveillance feeds for human inspection. It is difficult to predict how much computing resources are needed for these stream...
conference paper 2015