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Wieling, J. (author), Bakkeren, H.A. (author), Peters, R.J.B. (author), van Gils, W.J.C.G. (author), de Leer, E.W.B. (author), Mulder, S.A. (author), van der Burg, P.A. (author), van Renesse van Duivenbode, J.A.D. (author), Instituut voor Milieuwetenschappen TNO (author)
In analytical research laboratories, the problem of quality assurance is more difficult to solve than in laboratories devoted exclusively to routine analysis: the former usually have to deal with a much greater variety of samples and may have to develop entirely new methods of analysis. For research laboratories we have developed several...
article 1994
Wieling, J. (author), Dijkstra, H. (author), Mensink, C.K. (author), Jonkman, J.H.G. (author), Coenegracht, P.M.J. (author), Duineveld, C.A.A. (author), Doornbos, D.A. (author), Instituut voor Milieuwetenschappen TNO (author)
A general systematic approach is described for the chemometric modelling of liquid-liquid extraction data of drugs from biological fluids. Extraction solvents were selected from Snyder's solvent selectivity triangle; methyl tert.-butyl ether, methylene chloride and chloroform. The composition of a mixture of the three extraction solvents was...
article 1993