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Arnoldussen, I.A.C. (author), Wiesmann, M. (author), Pelgrim, C.E. (author), Wielemaker, E.M. (author), van Duyvenvoorde, W. (author), Amaral-Santos, P.L. (author), Verschuren, L. (author), Keijser, B.J.F. (author), Heerschap, A. (author), Kleemann, R. (author), Wielinga, P.Y. (author), Kiliaan, A.J. (author)
Objective: Midlife obesity affects cognition and increases risk of developing dementia. Recent data suggest that intake of the short chain fatty acid butyrate could improve memory function, and may protect against diet-induced obesity by reducing body weight and adiposity. Subjects: We examined the impact of a high-fat diet (HFD) followed by...
article 2017