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Herfst, R.W. (author), Bijster, R.J.F. (author), Dekker, A. (author), Wei, J. (author), van Zeijl, H.W. (author), Kruidhof, R. (author), Sadeghian Marnani, H. (author)
High resolution and high throughput imaging are typically mutually exclusive. While there is a wide range of techniques to image features beyond the diffraction limit of light, they all have their own benefits and drawbacks, but they are often very slow compared to optical systems. As such, extending the performance of optical microscopes...
conference paper 2017
Broek, K.M. (author), Bennett, I.J. (author), Beaucarne, G. (author), Chislea, B. (author), Yanghai, Y. (author), Zambova, A. (author), Wei, J. (author)
We investigate the compatibility of silicone-based electrically conductive adhesives and different surface finishes of the conductive backsheet (CBS) used in MWT module assembly technology. We find that the same ECA can lead to dramatically different properties of the electrical contact depending on the kind of surface finish. On lower cost...
article 2014
Yuan, C. (author), Wei, J. (author), Ye, H. (author), Koh, S. (author), Harianto, S. (author), van den Nieuwenhof, M.A. (author), Zhang, G.Q. (author)
This paper demonstrates a heterogeneous integration of solid state lighting (SSL) module, including light source (LED) and driver/control components. Such integration has been realized by the polymer-based reconfigured wafer level package technologies and such structure has been prototyped and tested. The structure design, thermal design...
conference paper 2012