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Coopmans, T. (author), Knegjens, R. (author), Dahlberg, A. (author), Maier, D. (author), Nijsten, L. (author), de Oliveira Filho, J. (author), Papendrecht, M. (author), Rabbie, J. (author), Rozp?dek, F. (author), Skrzypczyk, M. (author), Wubben, L. (author), de Jong, W. (author), Podareanu, D. (author), Torres-Knoop, A. (author), Elkouss, D. (author), Wehner, S. (author)
article 2021
Dahlberg, A. (author), Skrzypczyk, M. (author), Coopmans, T. (author), Wubben, L. (author), Rozpedek, F. (author), Pompili, M. (author), Stolk, A. (author), Pawełczak, P. (author), Knegjens, R.J. (author), de Oliveira Filho, J.A. (author), Hanson, R. (author), Wehner, S. (author)
Quantum communication brings radically new capabilities that are provably impossible to attain in any classical network. Here, we take the first step from a physics experiment to a fully fledged quantum internet system. We propose a functional allocation of a quantum network stack and construct the first physical and link layer protocols that...
conference paper 2019