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Evers, L. (author), Barros, A.I. (author), Monsuur, H. (author), Wagelmans, A.P.M. (author)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) have become an essential asset for military and law enforcement operations. In particular their use for surveillance and reconnaissance tasks has been growing due to the quick developments in the areal systems themselves, sensor technology, and image processing techniques that enable near-realtime acquisition of...
bookPart 2014
Bloemen, A.A.F. (author), Evers, L. (author), Barros, A.I. (author), Monsuur, H. (author), Wagelmans, A.P.M. (author)
This paper proposes a model for determining a robust defence strategy against ballistic missile threat. Our approach takes into account a variety of possible future scenarios and different forms of robustness criteria, including the well-known absolute robustness criterion. We consider two problem variants. In the first, the number of ballistic...
article 2011