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Persson Waye, K. (author), Smith, M.G. (author), Hussain-Alkhateeb, L. (author), Koopman, A. (author), Ă–gren, M. (author), Peris, E. (author), Waddington, D. (author), Woodcock, J. (author), Sharp, C. (author), Janssen, S. (author)
Exposure to nocturnal freight train vibrations may impact sleep, but exposure-response relationships are lacking. The European project CargoVibes evaluated sleep disturbance both in the field and in the laboratory and provides unique data, as measures of response and exposure metrics are comparable. This paper therefore provides data on exposure...
article 2019
Waddington, D. (author), Woodcock, J. (author), Smith, M.G. (author), Janssen, S.A. (author), Persson Waye, K. (author)
The aim of this paper is to present an overview of the research concerning human response to vibration conducted in the EU FP7 CargoVibes project. The European Union-funded project CargoVibes involved 10 partners from 8 nations and ran from April 2011 to April 2014. The project was concerned with railway-induced ground-borne vibration affecting...
article 2015
Persson Waye, K. (author), Janssen, S.A. (author), Waddington, D. (author), Groll, W. (author), Croy, I. (author), Hammar, O. (author), Koopman, A. (author), Moorhouse, A. (author), Peris, E. (author), Sharp, C. (author), Sica, G. (author), Smith, M.G. (author), Vos, H. (author), Woodcock, J. (author), Ogren, M. (author)
The European Union funded project: CargoVibes involving ten partners from eight nations has aimed to examine ground-borne vibration affecting residents close to freight railway lines. The paper presents an overview of the work package investigating human response to vibration, with particular focus on physiological and psychological impact on...
conference paper 2014