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Helmholt, K.A. (author), Vonder, M. (author), van der Waaij, B.D. (author), Lazovik, E. (author), Neumann, N.M.P. (author)
Using risk management systems for large-scale asset management is not without risk itself. Systems that collect measurement from a geographically diverse area, across many organisations, contain many interacting components that can fail in many different ways. In this chapter these systems are discussed from a risk assessment point of view,...
bookPart 2018
de Roo, G. (author), van der Weerdt, C.A. (author), Vonder, M. (author)
conference paper 2015
van der Veen, J.S. (author), van der Waaij, B. (author), Vonder, M. (author), de Jonge, M. (author), Lazovik, E. (author), Meijer, R.J. (author)
Sensors have been used for many years to gather information about their environment. The number of sensors connected to the internet is increasing, which has led to a growing demand of data transport and storage capacity. In addition, evermore emphasis is put on processing the data to detect anomalous situations and to identify trends. This...
conference paper 2013