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Denier van der Gon, H.A.C. (author), Knote, C. (author), Brunner, D. (author), Vogel, H. (author), Allan, J. (author), Asmi, A. (author), Aijala, M. (author), Carbone, S. (author), Jiminez, J.L. (author), Kiendler-Scharr, A. (author), Mohr, C. (author), Poulain, L. (author), Prevot, A.S.H. (author), Swietlicki, E. (author), Vogel, B. (author)
Abstract. The online-coupled, regional chemistry transport model COSMO-ART is evaluated for periods in all seasons against several measurement datasets to assess its ability to represent gaseous pollutants and ambient aerosol characteristics over the European domain. Measurements used in the comparison include long-term station observations,...
article 2011
TNO Defensie en Veiligheid (author), Dion, D. (author), Gardenal, L. (author), de Jong, A.N. (author), Forand, L. (author), Vogel, H. (author), Hurtaud, Y. (author), Stein, K. (author)
multinational campaign was organized by the NATO SET56 Group to assess transmission in coastal environments: the VAlidation Measurements of Propagation in IR and RAdar (VAMPIRA) experiment. VAMPIRA was conducted in the Baltic Sea, near Surendorf, Germany, from 27 March to 4 April 2004. During VAMPIRA, transmission was measured in the IR and the...
conference paper 2007
Kuhn, M. (author), Builtjes, P.J.H. (author), Poppe, D. (author), Simpson, D. (author), Stockwell, W.R. (author), Andersson-Sköld, Y. (author), Baart, A. (author), Das, M. (author), Fiedler, F. (author), Hov, Ø. (author), Kirchner, F. (author), Makar, P.A. (author), Milford, J.B. (author), Roemer, M.G.M. (author), Ruhnke, R. (author), Strand, A. (author), Vogel, B. (author), Vogel, H. (author), TNO Milieu, Energie en Procesinnovatie (author)
An intercomparison of nine chemical mechanisms (e.g. ADOM, CBM-IV, EMEP, RADM2) as used by 12 contributing groups was conducted. The results for three scenarios are presented covering remote situations with a net O3 loss of around 2.7 ppb (LAND and FREE) and a moderately polluted situation with O3 formation of around 100 ppb (PLUME1) over a 5...
article 1998