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Meerhoff, G.F. (author), Vester, S.M. (author), Hesseling, P. (author), Klaassen, S.D. (author), Cornelissen, A.S. (author), Lucassen, P.J. (author), Joosen, J.A. (author)
Organophosphate (OP) induced seizures are commonly treated with anticholinergics, oximes and anticonvulsants. Inhibition of P-glycoprotein (PgP) has been shown to enhance the efficacy of nerve agent treatment in soman exposed rats. In the present study, the promising effects of the PgP inhibitor tariquidar were investigated in more detail in...
article 2018
Joosen, M.J.A. (author), Vester, S.M. (author), Hamelink, J. (author), Klaassen, S.D. (author), van den Berg, R.M. (author)
One of the shortcomings of current treatment of nerve agent poisoning is that not all drugs effectively penetrate the blood-brain barrier (BBB), whereas most nerve agents easily do. P-glycoprotein (Pgp) efflux transporters at the BBB may contribute to this aspect. It was previously shown that Pgp inhibition by tariquidar enhanced the efficacy of...
article 2016