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Jacobs, S.A.H. (author), Gart, E. (author), Vreeken, D. (author), Franx, B.A.A. (author), Wekking, L. (author), Verweij, V.G.M. (author), Worms, N. (author), Schoemaker, M.H. (author), Gross, G. (author), Morrison, M.C. (author), Kleemann, R. (author), Arnoldussen, I.A.C. (author), Kiliaan, A.J. (author)
Background: Sex-specific differences play a role in metabolism, fat storage in adipose tissue, and brain structure. At juvenile age, brain function is susceptible to the effects of obesity; little is known about sex-specific differences in juvenile obesity. Therefore, this study examined sex-specific differences in adipose tissue and liver of...
article 2019