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Perdok, H. (author), Jans, S. (author), Verhoeven, C. (author), Henneman, L. (author), Wiegers, T. (author), Mol, B.W. (author), Schellevis, F. (author), de Jonge, A. (author)
Background This study aims to give insight into the opinions of maternity care professionals and other stakeholders on the integration of midwife-led care and obstetrician-led care and on the facilitating and inhibiting factors for integrating maternity care. Methods Qualitative study using interviews and focus groups from November 2012 to...
article 2016
Engelen, S. (author), van den Oever, M. (author), Mahapatra, P. (author), Sundaramoorthy, P. (author), Gill, E. (author), Meijer, R.J. (author), Verhoeven, C. (author)
Nano-satellites have a cost advantage due to their low mass and usage of commercial-off-the-shelf technologies. However, the low mass also restricts the functionality of a nano-satellite's payload. Typically, this would imply instruments with very low to low resolution and accuracy, essentially ruling out applications such as remote sensing....
conference paper 2012