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Fokker, P.A. (author), Borello, E.S. (author), Viberti, D. (author), Verga, F. (author), van Wees, J.D. (author)
Seasonal storage of heat in shallow aquifers for increasing the efficiency of geothermal energy systems requires a proper monitoring strategy. We expanded our earlier work on harmonic pulse testing (HPT) to incorporate the effect of a temperature front moving into the reservoir due to injection of hot (or cold) water. Our analytical solutions...
article 2021
Peter, C. (author), Borello, E. Salina (author), Dalman, R.A.F. (author), Karamitopoulos, P. (author), Busschers, F. (author), Sacchi, Q. (author), Verga, F. (author)
Stratigraphic forward modelling (SFM) provides the means to produce geologically coherent and realistic models. In this paper, we demonstrate the possibility of matching lithological variability simulated with a basin-scale advection-diffusion SFM to a data-rich real-world setting, i.e. the Holocene Rhine-Meuse fluvio-deltaic system in the...
article 2020
Borello, E.S. (author), Fokker, P.A. (author), Viberti, D. (author), Verga, F. (author), Hofmann, H. (author), Meier, P. (author), Min, K.B. (author), Yoon, K. (author), Zimmermann, G. (author)
Harmonic Pulse Testing (HPT) has been developed as a type of well testing applicable during ongoing field operations because a pulsed signal is superimposed on background pressure trend. Its purpose is to determine well and formation parameters such as wellbore storage, skin, permeability, and boundaries within the investigated volume. Compared...
article 2019