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Fokker, P.A. (author), Salina Borello, E. (author), Verga, F. (author), Viberti, D. (author)
For decades, well tests have been widely used in the oil industry for evaluation of well productivity and reservoir properties, which provide key information for field development and facilities design. In conventional well tests equilibrium conditions are required in the reservoir before the test. Furthermore, a single well only can be produced...
conference paper 2017
Fokker, P.A. (author), Verga, F. (author)
Harmonic pulse testing is a well testing technique in which the injection or production rate is varied in a periodic way. The pressure response to the imposed rates, both in the pulser well and in the observer wells, can be analyzed in the frequency domain to evaluate the reservoir properties. The advantages of this type of test is that...
article 2011