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Sentenac, M. (author), Benhammou, V. (author), Aden, U. (author), Ancel, P.Y. (author), Bakker, L.A. (author), Bakoy, H. (author), Barros, H. (author), Baumann, N. (author), Funck Bilsteen, J. (author), Boerch, K. (author), Croci, I. (author), Cuttini, M. (author), Draper, E. (author), Halvorsen, T. (author), Johnson, S. (author), Källén, K. (author), Land, T. (author), Lebeer, J. (author), Lehtonen, L. (author), Maier, R.F. (author), Marlow, N. (author), Morgan, A. (author), Ni, Y. (author), Raikkonen, K. (author), Rtimi, A. (author), Sarrechia, I. (author), Varendi, H. (author), Vollsaeter, M. (author), Wolke, D. (author), Ylijoki, M. (author), Zeitlin, J. (author)
Background: Studies are sparse and inconclusive about the association between maternal education and cognitive development among children born very preterm (VPT). Although this association is well established in the general population, questions remain about its magnitude among children born VPT whose risks of medical and developmental...
article 2021
Garner, C.R. (author), Park, K.B. (author), French, N.S. (author), Earnshaw, C. (author), Schipani, A. (author), Selby, A.M. (author), Byrne, L. (author), Siner, S. (author), Crawley, F.P. (author), Vaes, W.H.J. (author), van Duijn, E. (author), de ligt, R. (author), Varendi, H. (author), Lass, J. (author), Grynkiewicz, G. (author), Maruszak, W. (author), Turner, M.A. (author)
Aims The aims of the study were to compare [14C]-paracetamol ([14C]-PARA) paediatric pharmacokinetics (PK) after administration mixed in a therapeutic dose or an isolated microdose and to develop further and validate accelerator mass spectrometry (AMS) bioanalysis in the 0-2 year old age group. Methods [14C]-PARA concentrations in 10-15 μl...
article 2015